Wheel test rig

Tires are subjected to very different loads in military use than in the civilian environment. RENK tire test benches are therefore specially designed to meet individual customer requirements and can perform the following tasks:

  • Time- and load-controlled standard test runs according to ECE R54
  • Setting of toe and camber values
  • Slip studies
  • Following a given driving profile (wheel load, wheel speed and dynamic steering angle
  • Rough road simulation


Wheel test rig

RENK I RDDS test bench control system for automated test runs and measurement data management

Qualification, approval and testing of tires for heavy duty applications

Modular design for different tire types and dimensions

Optional testing of total wheel units

Optional testing of road and idler wheels of tracked vehicles

Test rig rollers up to a diameter of 4 meters

Several test stations with different roller diameters and test functions possible in a common test stand


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RENK offers gear unit test systems of the highest caliber for lightweight, medium, and heavy-duty military vehicles.

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Test systems

Automation for test systems: RDDS

RDDS is a flexible automation system for test rigs with a client server architecture for controlling, regulating, and monitoring tasks in real time.

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Drive technology and test systems for tracked vehicles. Uncompromising functionality and quality.

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