Tracked vehicle performance test rigs (wheel hub test rig)

The functional testing of military vehicles still largely takes place on outdoor proving grounds. However, part of this test content can be better carried out on complete vehicle test benches from RENK:

  • Function tests
  • Performance tests
  • Quality checks
  • Noise tests
  • Brake tests
  • Emission measurements
  • Leakage tests

While tests in rough terrain are often random due to the environmental conditions, a reproducible test program on a test bench provides immediately available and reproducible results.

Hub test benches are perfect for testing entire tracked vehicles. With these, the torque is applied directly to the drive wheels and thus loads the entire drive unit. Depending on the vehicle type, the vehicle can be lifted or the tracks can be decoupled from the drive wheels.

With test benches from RENK, processing times and costs can be reduced in the development, production and maintenance of military vehicles with even higher quality assurance.


Tracked Vehicle performance test rigs (wheel hub test rig)

RENK I RDDS test bench control system for automated test runs and measurement data management

Wear-free AC motor drive concept

Function and performance test on entire drive train with complete vehicle

Simulation of all driving loads occurring during operation

Reproducible test results

Minimal intervention in the floor foundation and therefore very well suited for installation in existing infrastructure

Technical data

The maximum values listed here show the range of current systems, however, due to constant further development they do not necessarily specify the limits of what is possible today.

Max. power electric load units:
2 x 550 kW
Max. torque electric load units:
2 x 30,000 Nm
Max. speed:
2,000 rpm


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