Rolling road test rig

A significant part of the testing of military and civilian special vehicles still takes place in rough terrain, but many tests can also be carried out more sensibly and cost-effectively on vehicle test benches ("road to rig"):


  • The test program can be planned exactly on a test stand and carried out without sudden climate disturbances
  • Predefined loads can be applied very precisely and absolutely reproducibly to the test object
  • The measurement data is recorded and evaluated immediately without any disruptive external influences
  • The automatic digitization of all test information enables a complete comparability of the results with the calculations performed and the generated digital twins


RENK develops and supplies test benches for heavy wheeled vehicles according to special customer requirements. On request, we can also assume overall responsibility for your testing facility, including foundation work, test room air conditioning and media supply.


Rolling road test rig

RENK I RDDS test bench control system for automated test runs and measurement data management

Movable pairs of rollers to adapt to different wheelbases

Number and design of the rollers according to customer requirements

Measuring equipment according to customer requirements (exhaust gas, noise, leakage, ...)

Optional test cabin with exhaust extraction and air conditioning

Optional assumption of overall project responsibility including integration of all test rig units in existing infrastructure

Technical data

The maximum values listed here show the range of current systems, however, due to constant further development they do not necessarily specify the limits of what is possible today.

Max. vehicle power (in total):
500 kW
Roller power (each axle):
125/500 kW
Number of powered axles:
2 - 5
Axle load:
25 – 150 kN
Temperature test cabin:
-20 … +40 °C
0 – 10 m/s


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