Powerpack test rig

RENK transmission test rigs can also be used as powerpack test rigs.

In this case, RENK is not only responsible for the integration of the engine. Our powerpack test rigs also include the necessary supply of air and fuel for the diesel-powered engine and the disposal of the resulting exhaust gases. Future alternative engine designs can of course also be integrated on request.


Powerpack test rig

RENK I RDDS test bench control system for automated test runs and measurement data management

Wear-free AC motor drive concept

All current and future engine concepts can be integrated

Exact simulation of the vehicle weight

Simulation of all driving loads occurring during operation

Technical data

The maximum values listed here show the range of current systems; however, due to constant further development they do not necessarily specify the limits of what is possible today.

Max. power electric load motors:
2 x 550 kW
Max. torque electric drive motor:
4,500 Nm
Max. torque electric load motors:
2 x 15,000 Nm


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Automation for test systems: RDDS

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