The optimal maintenance for your machines

The right maintenance and repair strategy serves as the basis for your systems’ availability – it offers you significant savings opportunities and minimizes costs.

We help you define potentials for your repair strategies and costs in order to achieve savings and simultaneously boost your efficiency with corresponding concepts. So you can extend the life of your machine and the maintenance intervals as well. And enhance the dependability of your operations in the process. Quickly and reliably. Expertly and securely.

As the original manufacturer of your systems, we are the first choice when it comes to the maintenance of your machines. Nobody knows your equipment better than we do. That’s why we are always one step ahead of the competition. And you benefit from quick, efficient solutions for repairs.

We help you ensure that your machines and systems will be profitable into the future too – efficiently and sustainably. The availability of your systems and the competitiveness of your products are a success for us in and of themselves.

You don’t just receive our comprehensive technical service: we also provide you with transparent proposals for potential optimizations and upgrades that can be easily planned into your budget. For the optimal maintenance of your machines.

Our service employees process your queries swiftly and deliver service of the highest quality around the world. So you have certainty of knowing that your systems are always at the cutting edge of technology.


Relevant service areas

Service areas

Our tailored service solutions extend the service life of your systems. Service from RENK. Safe. Professional. Reliable.

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Emergency contact number

RENK has set up an emergency contact number for Navy and industrial gear units as a first point of contact in the event of emergencies and operating disruptions.

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Product registration

RENK offers the operator of the described gear unit system extended services that can be obtained by registering with RENK Service.

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Relevant areas of expertise

Areas of expertise

System expertise

RENK: an outstanding solutions and system supplier. Custom-fit drive components and complete drive systems.

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Areas of expertise

Lifetime support

Thanks to its team of experienced engineers, project managers, and assembly and commissioning personnel, RENK is your partner for the entire lifetime of your system.

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