RK 304S powershift transmission

Proven many times over, this transmission offers cutting-edge technology for the coming decades as well. It guarantees the ultimate mobility, performance, and acceleration of the vehicle on any terrain. The electronically controlled automatic transmission relieves the crew in difficult operating conditions. The result is optimal driving characteristics in conjunction with the sophisticated brake system. Due to its extraordinary reliability, it contributes to the survivability of the vehicle and, most importantly, its crew.


RK 304S

For tracked vehicles
50–70 t

Power range
650–1,050 kW (1,400 HP)

4 forward gears /
4 reverse gears

Technical data

1,690 x 1,000 x 940 mm
Maximum engine performance:
1,050 kW (1,400 HP)
Weight class:
50–70 t
Powershift transmission:
4 forward gears, 4 reverse gears
Overall gear ratio, mechanical:
Transmission weight (without oil):
2,300 kg
Brake system:
Integrated, high-performance system


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