Two-stage final drive

Final drives are an important element in the drive train as a whole. Installed on the left and right sides, they transmit all drive, brake, and steering functions from the transmission to the track. RENK offers a range of sophisticated final drives, which ensure an optimal level of vehicle safety, durability, and high outputs.

RENK designs and produces final drives of the highest quality which are built specifically for their particular purpose and are intended for the most demanding terrain conditions. The final drives that are installed are therefore adapted as per the customer’s specifications, taking into account the vehicle speed, vehicle weight, and impact loads in the most difficult off-road driving conditions, including high levels of strain due to mud, water, sand, and extreme temperatures. RENK's final drives meet the highest requirements and safety standards for modern tracked vehicles.

Final drive

Co-axial final drive

final drive

Two-stage final drive

Appropriate for the respective
operational purpose of the RENK transmissions

Designed for increases in vehicle weight

Maximum strength
and reliability

Fully interchangeable
between left and right sides


Other products

Vehicle transmissions

HSWL 106

The HSWL 106 transmission is one of RENK’s latest developments and guarantees an excellent degree of vehicle mobility, even in difficult operating conditions and situations where the driver is under high levels of stress.

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Vehicle transmissions

HSWL 256

RENK’s transmissions of the Type HSWL 256 represent the state of the art, and have already been selected for use in the highly sophisticated PUMA infantry fighting vehicle used by the German Bundeswehr and for the British Army’s Ajax family.

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Vehicle transmissions

RK 325

The RK 325 transmission is intended for front mounting in an L-configuration in combat tanks and related families of vehicles. It’s the right choice for sophisticated, pioneering combat tanks.

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Vehicle transmissions

HSWL 295

The HSWL 295 is extremely compact thanks to the installation of the engine across the vehicle and the U-configuration of the power pack. This transmission fulfills the highest requirements and has an excellent track record in extreme conditions.

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