Vehicle transmission HSWL 256

The latest state of the art is represented by RENK's HSWL 256 gear unit, which was selected for the state-of-the-art PUMA infantry fighting vehicle of the German Bundeswehr and for the Ajax family of the British Army. The HSWL 256 gear unit is based on RENK's many years of know-how as well as the ongoing consideration of experience gained in service. The HSWL 256 gear unit combines a compact design with weight-optimized individual components and guarantees both a long service life and the ability to move, steer and brake vehicles safely over a wide weight range. This transmission has proven itself in the use of vehicles in the medium weight class.


HSWL 256

For tracked vehicles 35 - 45 t


Power range 500-800 kW (1.100 hp)


6 forward gears / 6 reverse gears


Technical data

1,540 x 765 x 825mm
Maximum engine output:
800kW (1,100 HP)
Weight category:
Powershift transmission:
6 forward gears, 6 reverse gears
Total transmission, mechanical:
Gear weight (without oil filling):
1,700 kg
Braking system:
Integrated high performance system


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