Vehicle transmission HSWL 106

HSWL 106 gearbox is one of the latest developments from RENK and ensures excellent mobility of the vehicle, even in difficult operating conditions and high load on the driver. It is ideal to meet the highest requirements and has an excellent braking system. Due to its exceptional reliability, it contributes to the survivability of the vehicle and especially of the crew. The HSWL 106 meets all the requirements for the drive system of a modern tracked armored vehicle.


HSWL 106

For tracked vehicles 25-35 t

Power range 300-530 kW (700 hp)

6 forward gears / 6 reverse gears

Technical data

1,272 x 930 x 800 mm
Maximum engine output:
530kW (700HP)
Weight category:
25-35 t
Powershift transmission:
6 forward gears, 6 reverse gears
Total transmission, mechanical:
Gear weight (without oil filling):
1,450 kg
Braking system:
Integrated high performance system


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