AVDS-1790 engine

AVDS-1790 Series diesel engines are turbocharged, air cooled 12-cylinder, 90 degree  Vee configurations. Power ratings range from 750 - 1500 HP. Air cooling for engine cylinders, as well as engine oil, transmission oil, and charge air coolers, are provided by direct drivefans mounted in the center of the Vee.

Extensive use of aluminum components throughout the engine provides a high power-to-weight ratio. The compact design of the AVDS-1790 engine includes individual and easily replaceable cylinders. Overhead valves are used with an overhead camshaft in the top of the engine to facilitate rapid service. Air cooling eliminates the maintenance burden of liquid cooling systems.



AVDS-1790 engine

Engine start possible from minus 25 degrees to plus 125 degrees Fahrenheit

Powerful even under water

Can accommodate a 28-volt oil-cooled generator rated at 650 amps

Power from 750 HP to 1500 HP

High power-to-weight ratio

12-cylinder turbocharged


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