Nacelle test rigs

RENK test systems for complete nacelles offer solutions for every test purpose. Among other things, they enable tests with respect to reability and approvals, as well as performance, functional, and endurance tests. The ability to pre-commission in the lab offers completely new options for offshore wind farms in particular, making it possible to ensure the efficiency and functionality of the wind turbines prior to the their costly transportation and installation at sea. RENK nacelle test rigs help manufacturers and operators minimize downtimes – and therefore optimize profits.


Nacelle test rigs

Nacelle test rigs with an output of up to 15 megawatts enable a simulation of the wind load on the rotor blades as well as the load placed on the generator unit

The resulting forces of the rotor blades are applied using hydraulic cylinders, which act in the radial and axial directions

A six-axis measuring flange determines the forces that occur precisely where they are initiated in actual use in the nacelle

Technical data

Technical data can be adapted according to the customer’s preferences.

Drive motors:
Power (cloosed loop)
17,000 kW
Power output:
15,700 kW
Nominal torque
15,000 kNm
Nominal speed:
10 rpm
Maximum test speed:
17 rpm
Axial force (x):
+/- 4,000 kN
Radial force (y-z):
+/- 4,000 kN
Bending moment:
+/- 50,000 kNm


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Automation for test systems: RDDS

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