Main bearing test rig

Reliably working main bearings are essential for the trouble-free operation of a wind turbine. However, the design of these bearings is very difficult due to the very high and often divergent wind loads.

Main bearing test rigs from RENK support the development of these bearings with a very defined load, for example up to breakage or targeted overload to simulate an entire service life („HALT“).The used slide bearing technology reduces interferences, such as those that occur when using a support bearing or standard spherical plain bearings, to a minimum. Load changes that occur due to unavoidable material deformations in this load range can be compensated by using a 6-axis measuring flange directly at the specimen (DUT) interface.

Due to the internal force feedback, additional specimen support structures can be omitted, so test bench foundation is becoming significantly smaller and more cost-effective.

RENK: Main bearing test rig

With this test rig, RENK makes it possible to test large bearings with high and precisely verifiable loads with reduced requirements regarding the building foundation.


Main bearing test rig

Low-interference load application via rotating plain bearing disc

6-Axis load measuring flange directly at the DUT interface

Simultaneous application of all individual loads

DUT adapters for the exact reproduction of real installation structure

Low foundation requirements due to internal force feedback

Real-time capable test bench electronics for generating load spectras and recording all collected data

High power of drive unit enables DUT to be loaded up to destruction

Load unit can be used in combination with a larger drive unit as a full nacelle test bench

Technical data

Drive unit

Nominal power:
250 kW
160.000 Nm
Speed range:
0-30 min-1

Load unit

Radial force:
8.000 kN
Axial force:
8.000 kN
Bending moment:
60.000 kNm

All data refer to the DUT interface on the load unit without a DUT-specific adapter.

The maximum values listed here show the range of current systems; however, due to constant further development they do not necessarily specify the limits of what is possible today.


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