Wheelset bearing test rig

Wheelset bearings are exposed to extreme loads at the interface between the wheelset and the bogie frame and must meet a wide range of technical requirements. In order to ensure optimal adaptation to the respective operating conditions, wheelset bearings are developed in close cooperation between manufacturers and operators of rail vehicles.

RENK wheel set bearing test benches support this development in a variety of ways, from the individual component to the completely assembled bearing unit. The RENK | RDDS automation systems for test benches can be used to simulate complete route profiles in the automatic program and thereby diagnose the effects of all major influencing factors on the wheelset bearings. As the airstream cooling significantly influences the service life of the bearing greases, RENK wheel set bearing test benches are usually equipped with an airstream simulation system.

For example, wheel set bearing test benches from RENK can also be used to verify compliance with DIN EN 12082. Special test benches serve the pre-selection and the suitability test of greases and oils according to DIN 51819.


Wheelset bearing test rig

Possible certifications: DIN EN 12082, DIN 51819

Test rig electronics with real-time capabilities

Wear-free AC motor drive concept

Hydraulic load unit for controlled application of dynamic axial and radial

Environmental simulation (rain, low temperatures, snow)

Parallel test chambers for simultaneous testing of several bearings

Technical data

The maximum values listed here show the range of current systems, however, due to constant further development they do not necessarily specify the limits of what is possible today.

50 - 85 kW
3.000 - 4.500 min-1
Radial force:
150 - 250 kN
Axial force:
25 - 150 kN
-20 ... +40°C
0 - 10 m/s


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