Flywheel brake dynamometer

A reliable braking system has always stood for driving safety. Flywheel brake dynamometers from RENK are designed for the optimization of existing brake systems and development of settings for future rail vehicles.

The type of braking system, and the way braking pressure is generated are adapted to the specific project. A key design characteristic of RENK brake dynamometers are the automatically switchable flywheel masses, which are used as standard. Controlled by test stand automation, this makes it possible to modify the simulated vehicle weight anywhere in the adjustment range without manual intervention even during a test run.

Flywheel brake dynamometers from RENK fulfill all the requirements for certifying them for the development of brake systems and their components with current test standards by means of easy handling.


Flywheel brake dynamometer

Possible certifications: UIC (international), TB (China), AAR (USA)

Test rig electronics with real-time capabilities

Wear-free AC motor drive concept

Continuous mapping of the vehicle masses based on automatically switchable flywheel masses and additional electrical mass simulation vie AC motor

Hydraulic and pneumatic brake pressure generation

Measuring of braking torque via force

Environmental simulation (rain, low temperatures, snow)

Technical data

The maximum values listed here show the range of current systems, however, due to constant further development they do not necessarily specify the limits of what is possible today.

430 - 1.040 kW
Max. flywheel mass (mechanical + electrical):
1.750 - 6.050 kgm2
Min. basic flywheel mass (mechanical):
200 - 750 kgm2
Max. braking torque:
30.000 - 40.000 Nm
Max. speed
2.750 - 3.600 min-1


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