Current collector test rig

The third rail is standard for supplying power to underground and suburban trains. The main focus in designing the third rail is to realize best possible contact of the current collector during total operation. RENK test benches support the sustainable development of needed current collectors and connector rails.

To represent an endless connector rail, a real connector rail is bent into a ring and mounted on a turntable. Different rings can be optained from RENK according to customers requirements or manufactured independently by the user of the test bench after training by RENK.

The electric motor-controlled movement of the current collector in two axes allows contact pressure and contact losses of the current collector to be adjusted according to real conditions.


Current collector test rig

Rotating connector rail profile to simulate an endless moving connector rail

Test rig electronics with real-time capabilities

Wear-free AC motor drive concept to realize continuous connector rail speed

Two axis current collector movement by means of electric linear motors

Current collector support applicable for top-running, bottom-running and side-running systems

Symmetrical design with two independent current collectors

Very high speed range and highly dynamic contact changes

No hydraulics

Technical data

The maximum values listed here show the range of current systems, however, due to constant further development they do not necessarily specify the limits of what is possible today.

Collector rail

4.000 mm
266 min-1 (200 km/h)

Current collector

Current density (each current collector):
max. 1.000 A / 120 V DC
Movement Vertikal:
± 200 mm / ± 600 m/s / 1,5 Hz @ ± 100 mm
Movement Horizontal:
± 100 mm / ± 1.200 m/s / 1,0 Hz @ ± 100 mm


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