Center buffer coupling test stands

With this test stand, a wide variety of rail couplings can be tested in manual or automatic test runs:

  • Coupling and uncoupling procedures
  • Dynamic push and pull studies
  • Mountain crossings and cornerings
  • Leak tests

Equipped with the real-time automation system for test benches RENK I RDDS, this test bench is ideally suited to support the development of analog and digital central buffer couplings with realistic mechanical and electrical tests.


Center buffer coupling test stands

Test rig for the development of center buffer couplings

High-quality solid design

Modular specimen support for different test items

Partial and long-term tests with realistic load effects

Mechanical and electrical tests (z.B. DAC)

Real-time test bench automation for diagnostic operation, setup operation and test operation (manual/automatic)

Technical data

The maximum values listed here show the range of current systems, however, due to constant further development they do not necessarily specify the limits of what is possible today.

Max. coupling load:
200 kN
Max. coupling speed:
5 km/h
Max. coupling distance:
1,000 mm
Static displacement X:
1,500 - 5,000 mm
Static displacement Y:
+/- 500 mm
Static displacement Z:
+/- 300 mm
Tilt / sideway / twist:
+/- 20°
Electrical power:
62 kW
Dimension, approx. (l x w x h):
11 x 3 x 3.5 m


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