Acoustic roller dynamometer

Driving comfort requirements have long since ceased to be a topic that is only dealt with in the premium class. In addition to consumption and safety assist systems, noise levels inside the vehicle are also an important purchase criterion for buyers of compact and mid-range cars these days. Which is one more reason why many vehicle manufacturers are relying on acoustic roller test systems from RENK when it comes to optimizing their vehicles.


Acoustic chassis test system

Combustion engine simulation

Accurate reproduction of the FZG weight

Water cooled AC motors and converters

Technical data

Technical data can be adapted according to the customer’s preferences.

Output of drives:
4 x 175 kW
Max. traction / per roller:
10,000 N
Max. speed:
260 km/h
Max. axle load:
2.5 t
Roller diameter:
1.5-2.0 m
Center distance:
2.05–4.20 m
Track width:
1.0–2.0 m
Background noise level at100 km/h:
<= 45 dB(A)


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