EOL function roller dynamometer

The overall reliability of a vehicle is paramount before every delivery to the customer. The use of tailor-made test facilities plays a key role in ensuring this. RENK roller test rigs for commercial vehicles guarantee the highest reproducibility of measuring results with respect to the test drive. They therefore provide the objective comparison necessary to evaluate whether the vehicle is acceptable or should be rejected.


RENK test systems for quality assurance purposes offer a high degree of automation; depending on the requirements, testing may be carried out completely or semi-automatically, depending on clients requests.

Testing capabilities range from brake and/or performance tests to testing of electronic components.

Adjustable double roller enable secure traction during testing, including for wheels of varying diameters, and also prevent the test vehicle from being submerged further than intended.

Technical data

Technical data can be adapted according to the customer’s preferences.

125/250 kW (per axle)
Roller diameter:
500 mm
Wheelbase VA1–VA2:
1,450–2,000 mm
Wheelbase VA2–HA1:
1,800–7,000 mm
Wheelbase HA1–HA2:
1,250–2,000 mm
Wheelbase HA1–HA3:
1,250–2,000 mm
Max. speed:
110 km/h
Max. traction / axle:
15,000 N
Permissible axle load:
16,000 kg


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RENK offers highly-flexible test systems for the frequently changing requirements profiles in the agricultural vehicle industry.

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RDDS is a flexible automation system for test rigs with a client server architecture for controlling, regulating, and monitoring tasks in real time.

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