Propulsion gear unit test rig

The aviation industry is under enormous development pressure around the world. Global megatrends such as scarce resources and climate change are just two drivers which are currently having an enormous impact on the aviation industry.
RENK supports prestigious OEMs as well as suppliers of components by providing high-quality test systems that are used in the development, approval, and quality assurance of their products.
RENK test stands are also used, for the development of gear units in turbofan engines in the multi-megawatt range. The test pieces being inspected there are subjected to loads comparable to those that occur during their subsequent use.


Propulsion gear unit test rig

Reproducible examinations of propulsion gear units with regard to their reliability and wear with a low connected load

The principle of the mechanical tensioned circuit makes it possible to determine these precise characteristics under full load

A propulsion gear unit undergoing testing delivers an output equal to that of approximately 400 family cars at startup. A single gear tooth pairing can transmit more power in this case than the entire starting field of a Formula 1 race

This test facility helps to reduce the consumption as well as the noise and pollution emissions of the world’s 200,000 daily civil flights on a lasting basis

One of the most powerful test facilities in the world in terms of dimensions and performance

Technical data

Technical data can be adapted according to the customer’s preferences.

97,500 kW
Max. input speed:
8,500 rpm
Max. input torque:
165,000 Nm
Max. output torque:
776,000 Nm
Test rig weight:
400 t
Base weight :
2,400 t
Base dimensions L x W x H:
30 m x 10 m x 3 m

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