All-wheel roller dynamometer

Global competition and the growing demand for innovation is leading to increasingly short development cycles in the agricultural vehicle industry as well. RENK’s highly flexible test systems make it possible to continually adapt to profiles of requirements which are therefore changing frequently – for both the testing of components as well as complete vehicles.


AWD chassis test system

Highly dynamic dynamometer which is capable of realistically simulating all of a tractor’s load conditions

Analyses that consider tractors as a whole under precisely defined test conditions

Realistic depiction of practical applications in the field together with auxiliary equipment

Important findings from “lab drives” for the further development of the vehicles

Technical data

Technical data can be adapted according to the customer’s preferences.

4 x 250 kW
Max. traction:
4 x 90,000 Nm
Roller diameter:
2.0 m
Max. speed:
85 km/h
Track width:
1,000 mm – 4,000 mm
2,050 mm – 6,000 mm


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Test systems

Automation for test systems: RDDS

RDDS is a flexible automation system for test rigs with a client server architecture for controlling, regulating, and monitoring tasks in real time.

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Test systems for the agricultural industry. Effective test systems for agricultural vehicles from RENK.

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