Vertical bearings, EV type

RENK vertical bearing inserts in the EV range were developed especially for use in high-speed machines with vertical designs, such as pumps, fans, turbines, or electrical machines. EVE bearings are available as combined thrust and guide bearings with a radial and axial component, while EVF bearings are provided as radial guide bearings only. The key features of the EV bearing inserts are the tiltable, round RENK RD slide shoes. These are supported via cup springs, thereby ensuring a uniform axial distribution of loads. The radial component of an EV bearing consists of individually adjustable radial tilting pads.

EV bearing inserts can also be provided with a lubricant container in the appropriate size upon request if the machine housing isn’t designed to serve as a lubricant container or a lubricant container that is adapted to the machine and manufactured in-house is preferred. Depending on the operating conditions, the power loss of the bearing can be dissipated through the natural cooling of the lubricant container, through additional cooling via a finned tube cooler built into the lubricant container, or through external cooling of the circulating lubricant.


Vertical bearings, EV type

Bearing design tailored especially to vertical applications

Spring and shock-absorbing characteristics can be adapted by adjusting the radial tilting pad.

Noise and vibrations during operation are generally low

Efficient condition monitoring thanks to easy evaluation of the bearing temperature

Available as a package with numerous combination options

Technical data

Shaft diameter:
80 to 560 mm
Vertical bearing insert
Self-lubricating or external lubrication
Cooling system:
Natural cooling, water cooling, or external cooling
Hydrostatic system, lubricant circulation system, mechanical backstop, integrated electrical insulation


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Vertical bearings

Vertical bearings, V type

RENK vertical bearings in the V range are mainly used in low- to medium-speed machines with vertical designs, such as pumps, fans, turbines, or electrical machines.

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Energy production

Turbo gear units, couplings, and slide bearings for the field of energy production. RENK drive technology guarantees high system availability at all times.

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Chemical / petrochemical industry

High-speed gear units, slide bearings, and couplings for the chemical industry.

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