Engine bearing ‒ SM type

RENK flange-mounted bearings in the SM series were specially developed for use as an engine bearing in naval applications. Designed for steeply inclined positions, the construction enables self-lubricating and therefore extremely quiet operation. Seawater resistant finned tube coolers integrated into the oil sump ensure optimal cooling performance.
Because the bearing shell is installed in the housing with a ball joint, the effort of aligning the bearing is reduced to a minimum and edge strain is prevented. Depending on the requirements, either hydrodynamic thrust surfaces or the tried-and-tested RENK RD slide shoes are integrated directly into the supporting body of the bearing shell to enable use as a fixed bearing.
A bearing housing made of gray cast iron is used in the standard version. When it comes to special applications, we offer decades of experience in developing customer-specific solutions with bearing housings in welded designs.


Engine bearing ‒ SM type

Bearing design tailored especially to shipbuilding applications

Optimized design has been tried and tested in numerous applications

Self-lubricating operation despite highly inclined positions

Overhaul and maintenance possible for installed shaft

Noise and vibrations during operation are generally low

Efficient condition monitoring thanks to easy evaluation of the bearing temperature

Available as a package with numerous combination options

Technical data

Shaft diameter:
225 to 560 mm
Flange-mounted bearing
Lubricant circulation:
Self-lubricating or external lubrication
Cooling system:
Natural cooling, water cooling, or external cooling
Hydrostatic system, lubricant circulation system, integrated electrical insulation


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Rolling mill bearing – WG type

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Relevant industries


Shipping industry

Gear units, slide bearings, and couplings for the shipping industry. Make the most of reliable, low-emission drive technology from RENK.

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Energy production

Turbo gear units, couplings, and slide bearings for the field of energy production. RENK drive technology guarantees high system availability at all times.

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