RENK marine shaft bearings, RADILUS® LR type and SN type

RENK marine shaft bearings in the RADILUS® range of type LR and SN are the proven standard for conventional marine propulsion systems with shaft lines. Both types are self-lubricating and can be configured as supporting bearings or journal bearings ‒ available with a lower shell only ‒ depending on the requirements. Because it is installed in the housing with a ball joint, the bearing shell adapts to the position of the shaft during assembly. Damaging pressure at the edges is avoided, and the assembly and alignment of the shaft train are simplified significantly.
The frictional heat is dissipated by means of natural cooling; i.e., through radiation and convection via the housing. If necessary, seawater resistant cooling systems can be built into the lubricant sump or the bearing can be connected to an external lubrication system.
The SN type is distinguished by a higher degree of radial rigidity of the bearing housing in contrast to the LR type. The SN type therefore has a proven track record with large sizes for special applications in particular – such as ice-going ships, for example.


RENK marine shaft bearings, RADILUS® LR type and SN type

Bearing design tailored especially to shipbuilding applications

Self-lubricating operation despite highly inclined positions

Overhaul and maintenance possible for installed shaft

Noise and vibrations during operation are generally low

Efficient condition monitoring thanks to easy evaluation of the bearing temperature

Available as a package with numerous combination options

Technical data

Shaft diameter:
110 to 850 mm
Pedestal bearing
Self-lubricating or external lubrication
Cooling system:
Natural cooling, water cooling, or external cooling
Hydrostatic system, lubrication system


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