Centrally flange-mounted bearing – EM type

We developed the EM bearing type to meet the need for extremely small bearing clearances with a simultaneously high level of structural strength of the assembly unit, consisting of the nameplate and bearing. The mounting flange is located in the axial center of the housing and therefore enables the direct, vertical application of loads into the nameplate. The bearing housing is connected via the lower section of the housing. This means that the nameplates can also be split, and only the lower half needs to exhibit a high degree of rigidity. Very large access areas to the interior of the machine and the bearings can be provided for installation purposes – an extraordinary advantage when assembling the machine and performing maintenance work. This housing shape serves as a very suitable basis for a wide range of expansion stages in demanding drive concepts in particular. You could say that the EM type is a functional, multi-purpose bearing – for durable, low-speed machines up to turbo generators running at maximum speeds. The centrally flange-mounted bearings designed with an enlarged housing surface (ZM7, EM9S, EM14S/XS) are a special type of bearings for smaller shaft diameters. In cases where products exhibit a low degree of variation, these bearings offer optimized functionalities for operation with natural cooling, which means that two-pole electrical machines, for example, can be built without separate lubricating units.


Centrally flange-mounted bearing – EM type

Slide bearings have lower noise levels in comparison to rolling bearings and are resistant to loads caused by shocks thanks to lower material stresses

Slide bearings are maintenance-free or low-maintenance and easy to install

Slide bearings have a lubricant film that dampens vibrations, impacts, and noise

Slide bearings are resistant to dust penetration and shocks

Slide bearings require a small radial installation space and are structurally adaptable (can be integrated as component)

Slide bearings are suitable for very high speeds

Slide bearings exhibit practically no wear during fully hydrodynamic continuous operation and with hydrostatic bearings

Slide bearings are most cost-effective than rolling bearings at large dimensions

Technical data

EM bearing
Finned middle flange bearing acc. to DIN 31694 / ISO 11687-3
9 … 28, for shafts Ø 80 … 355 mm
35 … 45, for shafts Ø 300 … 560 mm (600 mm, without axial component)
Self-lubricating (loose oil ring, fixed oil ring) or external lubrication
Cooling system:
Natural cooling, water cooling, or external cooling
Bore design:
Various bore designs as required, e.g. cylindrical bore, two-lobe bore, three-lobe bore, four-lobe bore, or radial tilting pad
Electric insulation, lubrication circulation system, hydrostatic jacking
Temperature monitoring with PT100, prepped for vibration/speed sensors


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