System solutions for marine propulsion systems

During the projecting phase, all of the necessary conditions are established in order to successfully realize the goals involved in a ship’s construction in terms of the propulsion system, from development, to construction, to the commissioning of the drive system.

We support the ship designers and the end user with design studies during this phase.

If you have decided on a configuration for a propulsion system at the end of the projecting phase and the project is set to be implemented, we can support you with system solutions in various designs. A system solution may include:

  • Supply of components for transmitting power in marine propulsion systems such as main and/or auxiliary gear units, couplings, shaft, and/or thrust bearings
  • Supply of components for an electric drive, such as drive engines (including with a generator function), frequency converters, and the necessary connection to the electrical system
  • Supply of components for the propulsion system, such as propellers and shaft system, as well as the drive machines; typically carried out within a consortium made up of selected industry partners
  • Support during the integration of the propulsion system



System solutions for marine propulsion systems

We develop a Catalog of relevant requirements for the propulsion system, which are intended to enable the achievement of the desired characteristics of the ship’s design

We deliver a selection of evaluation criteria for the propulsion system with weighting of the various criteria, which are created based on the customer’s specifications

We offer initial proposals for potential configurations of the propulsion system

We perform an evaluation of the various propulsion system versions according to valid comparison criteria and an assessment of the degree to which the respective requirement is fulfilled


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Marine propulsion units

System integration

We test and certify that the selected equipment constitutes a complete propulsion system as a result of the integration and thereby fulfills the requirements set out in the system specifications.

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Hybrid propulsion systems

Combined propulsion systems

RENK is familiar with the Navy’s requirements and supports ship designers in selecting the right solutions.



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Shipping industry

Gear units, slide bearings, and couplings for the shipping industry. Make the most of reliable, low-emission drive technology from RENK.

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Efficient solutions for naval applications.

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