Single-engine marine reversing gear units

RENK’s portfolio of specially designed single-motor marine reversing gear units ranges from small, compact planetary reversing gear units for outputs up to 10 MW through to customized gear units that meet the specific requirements of all types of ships – especially reversing the propeller. Single-motor marine reversing gear units are available with a single-speed transmission for medium-speed diesel and electric motors, and with a dual-speed transmission as well for high-speed diesel motors, electric motors, and gas turbines.

Our customized solutions offer numerous options for the entire output range, such as customized configurations of the drive machines, acoustic optimizations, as well as shock resistance and permeability.

The scope of delivery is supplemented by a wide range of additional features for the propulsion system. Coolant components for marine applications, shaft brake and rotary devices, and external thrust bearings can be optionally included in the package.



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RENK Condition Monitoring is a highly sophisticated status monitoring system.

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