Single-engine marine gear unit RSH

The RENK Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of marine gear units. As a specialist for single and double-motor gear units as well as for propeller shaft couplings, we are a preferred partner for the development of innovative marine gear unit solutions for gas tankers. A majority of gas tankers equipped with gas-diesel-electric propulsion systems (DFDE) uses single or double marine gear units from RENK. Double gear units are designed with center distances of up to 4,400 mm. Two electric engines are combined with a double gear unit in this case, and deliver a maximum output of 30,000 kW to the fixed pitch propeller.


Single-engine marine gear unit RSH


Gearing that interlocks perfectly

Solid base and robust housing, designed for high loads

Slide bearings of the highest quality for maintenance-free gear units

Tailored solutions with customized transmission ratios

Variable power take-off solutions

Noise-optimized design

Technical data

Power range:
1,500 kW–22,000 kW
500–2,200 mm
Center distances between engines:
1,800–5,000 mm
Power range:
2 x 1,500 kW – 2 x 35,000 kW


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Single-engine marine gear units


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Single-engine marine gear units


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