MARHY® hybrid drive

Innovative drive concepts are a necessity in order to meet safety requirements and the increasingly demanding environmental regulations for vessels transporting hazardous materials.

On new vessels with modern technology, the single-shaft drive train is being supplemented with a second drive system that is independent of the main engine. The power take home system (PTH) ensures the vessel's maneuverability in the event of a main engine malfunction.

The growing number of PTH systems being installed primarily on product/chemical tankers confirms the trend toward a growing awareness of safety and the environment.

MARHY® can be used on any type of ship with a fixed pitch or controllable pitch propeller (FPP or CPP) with a maximum drive power of 60 MW. The PTO / PTH / PTI output is adapted to the requirements of the respective project.

RENK: MARHY hybrid drive

MARHY® can be used on any type of ship with a fixed pitch or controllable pitch propeller (FPP or CPP) with a maximum drive power of 60 MW.


MARHY® hybrid drive

Redundant drive according to the ship classification societies in order to minimize the risk of environmental catastrophes

Reduced exhaust emissions in electric drive mode

The direct availability of the drive system and the improved maneuverability enable the ship to accelerate very quickly if necessary, for example when loading or unloading hazardous substances

Reduction of the noise and vibration level in electric drive mode

Reduced downtimes, because maintenance can be carried out during operation

The operation of the main engine on the open seas only under optimal loading conditions prevents wear and fouling, thereby reducing maintenance requirements

Fuel savings

Lower insurance premiums, reduced fees for towing services, and reduced port charges

Higher resale value and simpler chartering thanks to enhanced safety and operating capacities

Rapid amortization of the investment

Technical data

Center distances:
1,135–2,500 mm
Power range:
500 kW–10,000 kW


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