Specially designed dual-engine marine reversing gear units

RENK’s dual-engine marine reversing gear units are the dependable choice for ships that require a high overall output as well as the capacity to reverse the propeller. The dual-engine marine reversing gear units can be used for propulsion with diesel motors in CODAD (COmbined Diesel And Diesel) systems as well as with gas turbines in COGAG (COmbined Gas turbine And Gas turbine) systems.




Dual-engine reversing gear units

The drive power is based on modular components and can be switched on or off as required


Dual-engine marine reversing gear units are available with either a horizontal offset or with a combined offset.


Our customized solutions offer numerous options for the entire output range, such as individual configurations of the drive machines, acoustic optimizations, as well as shock resistance and permeability.


The scope of delivery is supplemented by a wide range of additional features for the propulsion system



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