Mechanical production

Our focus and experience in this area rests on 130 years of history in the precise construction of gear units. Core areas of expertise include toothed components such as gears and shafts, but also assemblies, which we produce from the individual components up to the assembly using our complex tooling machines. In doing so, we draw on our extensive experience to produce components with the highest precision and reliability – as well as outstanding quality. Plus, we also cover a broad spectrum of parts, starting from batch size 1. This requires extensive experience during planning as well as precise machining down to just a few micrometers.

The RENK Group is a certified company according to DIN – ISO 9001:2008 and DIN – ISO 14001:2004 + Cor 1:2009. We have implemented an MSA (manufacturing survey agreement) with DNV. Based on the products we offer, we are monitored by classification bodies working on behalf of the end customer in manufacturing and production (e.g., ABS, BV, GTB, DNV, GL, LR, RINA, etc.).

Our laboratory dedicated to analyzing and documenting material specimens via tensile and notched bar impact testing as well as CHD and NHT measurements prepares and evaluates micrographs.


Mechanical production

Hobbing, index milling, horizontal shafts, ring gears, interior and external, gear shaping, interior and exterior tooth flank grinding (in climate chamber), straight-toothed and helical-toothed

Tooth flank measuring and 3D measuring (in climate chamber)

Crack and ultrasonic testing, Barkhausen noise

Center lathe operations, vertical and horizontal turning, milling, boring, balancing

Complex processing possible using a sophisticated CAD-CAM system, from the 3D model to the finished part

Other products

Job order production

Hardening shop

Components made of steel need to be heat-treated in order to meet the demands that arise during use.

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Relevant areas of expertise

Areas of expertise

Surface coating

RENK has many years of in-depth experience in the area of surface coatings for gear unit parts and drive components which are subject to exceptional conditions.

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Areas of expertise

Gear technology

Optimized design and production of gears at RENK. Ideal operating characteristics and a high degree of reliability.

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Areas of expertise

Heat treatment

Heat treatment from RENK. Thorough and reliable heat treatment for gear unit parts and drive components.

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