COPE® vertical mill gear unit

COPE® gear units belong to the fourth and latest generation of vertical mill drives. Introduced in 2015, the axial bearing and output stage of the gearbox are based on the successful KPBV series. Due to continually increasing mill outputs, the drive is pushed to the limits of feasibility with a motor in which the drive energy is transmitted through a bevel gear stage. COPE® doesn’t use a bevel gear set.

Large plants with high investment costs require higher availability. COPE® sets new standards when it comes to availability. Eight individual electric drive motors offer an additional contribution to the overall availability.

The round structure of the housing is ideal to transduce the milling forces into the foundation. The mill's axial bearings integrated into the gear unit can absorb forces of well over 3,000 t. The transmissible torque is 5 million Nm.

COPE® gear units have a very simple mechanical structure. They only have two gear stages with plain bearings at the output stage. For replacing the motors, it is not necessary to remove the unit.


COPE® vertical mill gear unit

Torques of 1.7 to 5 million Nm for larger and large vertical mills

RENK plans and delivers the entire electrical and mechanical drive system, which leads to shorter commissioning times and fewer interfaces

The drive system with the best efficiency on the market

Grid or inverter operation possible, depending on the customer requirements

An increase in availability of over 3% makes COPE® economically viable in just a short time

RENK – round block axial bearing with hydrostatics: The indestructible mill bearing

Mill and gear unit forces are consistently conducted along structurally separate paths

Sophisticated monitoring, optionally also with the RENK VIBmonitoring System for the automation of regular maintenance checks.

In the event of damage to the drive, the mill can be operated again after just a short time; repairs can be carried out without downtime thanks to redundant structure


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