RECOVAR®-E variable-speed propulsion system

The industry has been developing solutions for variable speed settings for compressors and pumps for over 20 years now. Prior solutions did not prove effective over the long-term due to their complexity as well as high power losses and extreme maintenance costs. Higher efficiency requirements paired with the lowest possible investment and long-term operation form the basis for our new concept:

RECOVAR®-E is a variable-speed power splitting gear unit with an energy recovery system and maximum efficiency across all operating points. RECOVAR®-E stands for Renk ECOnomic VARiator. A modern hybrid consisting of mechanical and electrical features that offers an ideal solution for both worlds.

More than 50% of all compressor and pump systems over 3 MW require a variable-speed drive. RECOVAR-E offers an optimal cost-effective and efficient solution for applications of this type.


RECOVAR®-E variable-speed propulsion system

Highest efficiency of all comparable propulsion systems

No center distance due to flush shafts

Smallest system size by comparison

Energy recovery

DOL starting option

Low moment of inertia

Negligible impact on network

Smaller size of the main engine

Conservative API 613 toothing

Large speed range

Maintenance-friendly design

Control system shutdown in main operating point

High availability

Minimum space requirement for electrical system components (20%)

Technical data

3 - 150 MW
Low speed shaft:
< 1 800 rpm
High speed shaft:
4 000 - 25 000 rpm
3 - 15


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