etaX® − high-speed gear unit optimized for minimum power loss

The ever-increasing performance limits in the high-speed gear unit market have prompted ongoing further developments in RENK’s gear unit technology. Newly developed RENK technologies such as Vakutech® or ISOPress® bearings enable us to cut the loss of power by nearly half today. At the same time, we are increasing the level of operating safety with a significantly reduced temperature level in the gear tooth area.

RENK has been continually delivering technology of this kind to energy companies around the world since the year 2000. The additional costs are typically compensated for within two to three years.

The sophisticated RENK etaX® technology is currently the latest, most economical and mature high-speed gear unit concept in the 30–200 MW range.

An integrated safety feature, etaX®-CONTROL, monitors and controls the operation in atmospheric or vacuum mode completely automatically. Unrestricted operation is possible in both modes without limitations.

The flexible basic concept behind the etaX® range enables the greatest possible flexibility and adaptability for retrofitting existing standard gear unit solutions with higher levels of power loss.


etaX® − high-speed gear unit optimized for minimum power loss

Efficiency increases of 0.3–1.0% in comparison with conventional gear units

Reduced operating temperature by at least 15 K

Reduced oil quantity

Reduced oil wear permits longer oil change intervals

Fully automatic operation

Unrestricted availability in conventional operation as well

Amortization typically between one and three years.

Significant CO2 savings in the system’s overall footprint

Suitable for compensating for axial thrust.

Noise-optimized design

Technical data

30 - 200 MW
Low speed shaft:
< 10 000 rpm
High speed shaft:
< 15 000 rpm
1,2 - 9


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