TPV power splitting gear unit

This two-stage, high-performance gear unit concept comes into play when extreme technical requirements exceed the usual limits of spur gear units or planetary gear units. Power splitting gear units make it possible to transmit a large amount of power at the highest speeds of the input and output shafts while requiring the lowest possible space.

The input and output shafts are flush and have the same rotational direction. All gear teeth are freely adjustable to achieve uniform load distribution. The high-speed pinion does not have any bearings and is controlled via the meshing of the gear teeth. This technology makes it possible to attain outputs of up to 200 MW and speeds of up to 120,000 rpm.

The main feature of these RENK turbo gear units are the case-hardened, precisely machined flanks of the teeth, which are designed for API, AGMA, DIN, and ISO requirements according to the respective application. Every design is based on detailed rotordynamic calculations for all operating points. The geometries of our radial and axial bearings are therefore precisely optimized according to the respective application scenario as well as the operating conditions.


TPV power splitting gearbox

Co-axial arrangement with unidirectional rotation

Extreme transmission powers

Compact construction

Low circumferential speeds

Low movement of mass

Integrated couplings possible

Compensation of thermal axial forces

Option to mount an oil pump or rotary drive

Conservative gear tooth design according to API 613 possible

Technical data

3 - 300 MW
Low speed shaft:
< 15 000 rpm
High speed shaft:
< 50 000 rpm
1,2 - 8


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