Gear joint couplings

Gear joint couplings assume a double function as a connecting element between the drive unit and lifting device, for example in a crane and hoist device. In addition to transmitting the torque, the coupling supports the forces acting radially on the drum. The gear joint coupling is torsionally rigid, yet flexible in all directions, which offers significant advantages in comparison with a rigid coupling.

The gear joint couplings consists of the coupling hub with milled, curved toothing, which meshes with the coupling housing with beveled internal spur toothing. The coupling hub is fixed to the gear shaft. A cylindrical shaft seat with a keyway connection is typical. Other connections, such as a shrink seat or splined shaft, are also optionally available. The transmitted torque as well as the maximum permissible shear load can also be increased with additionally hardened toothing.

Gear joint couplings are primarily used in the area of hoisting and conveyor technology in crane hoists and hoisting drum drive systems.


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Coupling configurator

With the RENK coupling configurator you will find the ideal coupling for your application. Technical details such as the data sheet and 3D data are provided quickly and easily.

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Gear couplings

Gear spindle coupling

Gear spindle couplings are mainly used where large torques have to be transmitted with very small outside diameters and, at the same time, high misalignment capability is required.

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Gear couplings

Basic series

Our extensive range of couplings, including a wide range of series and versions, offers you complete freedom to design a shaft connection that fits your needs. It also gives you the certainty of selecting the ideal solution, even for the most difficult drive applications.

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Gear couplings

High-speed series

Built on the basis of more than 75 years of experience in the development and production of these high-quality drive elements, RENK’s gear couplings in the high-speed series are the ideal product, especially when it comes to transmitting maximum speeds.

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Material handling

High-speed gear units and couplings for material handling: We optimize your logistics processes.

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