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The paper industry is in the midst of a cultural revolution. The material is set to become less significant as a means of sharing information. New areas in which it can be used are coming into existence. Developers are finding new forms for the material and enhancing its resilience. Paper will soon be able to complete with plastics. High productivity will be indispensable for the paper manufacturers of the future, and this can be ensured with machinery that is of a high technological quality, energy efficient, and largely automated.

RENK is your reliable and firmly established partner in this area, ensuring the highest quality. A few examples include custom-fit gear units, couplings, and slide bearings for your paper machines which stand out during every phase of production thanks to their precision and durability. RENK uses these accurate tools to guarantee the speed and flexibility of your refiners as well as your company’s ability to compete on the market.


Relevant products


High-speed gear units

Many of RENK’s high-speed gear units have set world records for transmitting power in gear stages.

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Gear Coupling

The wide range of series and variants gives you every freedom in designing the shaft connection.

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Safety couplings

Safety couplings are crucial in the area of the drive train to secure machine systems from overloading. We offer you the right solution here.

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Slide bearings

RENK slide bearings meet the highest requirements in terms of product quality, operating safety, durability, and effective condition monitoring.

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Other industries


Material handling

High-speed gear units and couplings for material handling: We optimize your logistics processes.

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