Uncompromising operation

Armored tracked vehicles are experts at surviving throughout the entire world and need to be able to cover extreme temperature ranges. Only uncompromising functionality and quality can guarantee maximum performance during operation in deserts as well as tropical and Arctic regions.

RENK has been familiar with the challenges in this area for decades. Our goal: The products and solutions must set the standard for what is technically possible in the sustainable use of armored vehicles. That’s why we are a strategic partner for many of the world’s armies when it comes to spare parts or gearboxes for tanks. From the development of the hydrostatic-hydromechanical drive, steering, and braking function for tracked vehicles back in 1965, to mastering extreme requirements in the field of mobility like those seen in the latest generation of vehicles, we have played a key role in shaping the evolution of armored tracked vehicles.

RENK uses this outstanding expertise to set up complex test systems for the development, refurbishment, and acceptance inspections of armored gear units, including the necessary peripherals such as the supply of diesel or disposal of exhaust gases. Join our customers who rely on RENK’s drive technology and test systems for tracked vehicles.


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Vehicle transmissions

Vehicle transmissions

In the field of vehicle transmissions, we are the world’s leading manufacturer of fully automatic transmissions for medium and heavy tracked vehicles.

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Test systems


RENK offers gear unit test systems of the highest caliber for lightweight, medium, and heavy-duty military vehicles.

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