Enhanced effectiveness and greater efficiency

RENK’s investments in research and development as well as in innovation management, which have been increasing for years, are evidence of our innovative capacity. Our products are often developed further due to specific orders from our customers. As time goes on, the requirements are becoming more specific and standards are becoming higher. We view these challenges as strong, spontaneous motivation to continually deliver new and innovative product solutions – with respect to output density, reliability, and operating characteristics, for example. In the case of special marine thrust bearings, the specific load-bearing capacity that is required necessitates the development of new bearing materials and coatings, which are being tested on our test rigs in Hannover and Augsburg.

In other areas, our industrial research is resulting in enhanced effectiveness, and therefore greater efficiency as well – in the case of our turbo gear units, for example. Joint efforts between our plants in Rheine, Augsburg, and Winterthur make it possible to tap into new potentials that benefit our customers here.


Reducing noise levels to an acceptable minimum is becoming increasingly important in the case of marine propulsion systems in particular. Primary measures such as optimized gear geometry and the surface finish are the key factors in achieving success here. Our further developments also have a positive impact when it comes to vibration-damping mounts as well as the optimization of structural components. In addition to dynamometer testing with modern measuring technology, high-quality calculation tools such as FE-based modal analysis and multi-body simulation are also available.

Research and development is typically only possible in cooperation with partners. And our bilateral collaboration with prestigious research institutes has met with continued success. Recently, we were able to gain important new insights into the load-bearing capacity of steels used in gear toothing and the resilience of coupling discs, and have integrated these findings into our production.

Fundamental basic research is carried out in larger company groups, such as the Forschungsvereinigung Antriebstechnik e.V. (German Research Association for Power Transmission Engineering), of which RENK has been a founding member for 50 years. The current state of the art in terms of toothing design for gears is largely based on studies which have been carried out within this group.

RENK is currently making significant investments in innovation management. This will enable us to identify innovation fields and solutions and further develop the best possible technologies for the future in every one of the RENK Group’s research and production branches. Our in-house programming helps us to efficiently deploy the latest versions of design programs for our products and supplement them with our own experiences and developments.


Other industries


Shipping industry

Gear units, slide bearings, and couplings for the shipping industry. Make the most of reliable, low-emission drive technology from RENK.

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Cement production

Mill gear units for the production of cement. Cement mill operators around the world trust mill gear units from RENK.

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Energy production

Turbo gear units, couplings, and slide bearings for the field of energy production. RENK drive technology guarantees high system availability at all times.

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Armored vehicles

Drive technology and test systems for tracked vehicles. Uncompromising functionality and quality.

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