Precision and engineering ingenuity from Switzerland

RENK-MAAG GmbH in Winterthur develops and produces efficient, durable turbo gear units for the entire world. When it comes to tackling the most complex challenges in the industry, the company’s over 100 specialists have led their field for over 100 years. Since its founding in 2007, RENK-MAAG GmbH has manufactured more than 11,000 turbo gear units with a weight of up to 63,500 kilos based on outstanding technical intelligence and a commitment to absolute perfection. Each and every one of them is an individual masterpiece which is tailored to meet the respective customer’s wishes perfectly and without any compromises – while maintaining the very highest levels of quality at all times.

The gear factory, which was founded by Max Maag and taken over by the RENK Group in 2007, developed over the course of its history to become a manufacturer dedicated to solving the most complex technical challenges. At the over 6,000 m2 production facility, which is home to the plant’s own gear grinding center and a cutting-edge test rig, some of the products that our specialists plan and produce include high-performance turbo gear units for railway transportation purposes, the oil and gas industry, planetary gear units for power production applications and MS synchronous clutch couplings for the naval sector and power producers in various classes. The Galeocerdo, a high-speed luxury yacht, is also equipped with a gear unit from RENK-MAAG GmbH.

The Swiss subsidiary also offers its customers a full range of services in the after-sales area. This means you have the best support for everything that's important after the product’s delivery: Original spare parts, repairs, overhauls, and service, as well as on-site, non-destructive testing. And our service technicians are of course always there to assist you when a gear unit requires maintenance – right on site.


Relevant products

Spur gear units

G type

The high-speed gear units from RENK are designed and constructed according to the latest findings and methods of gear unit technology.

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High-speed gear units

P type

The planetary gear units of the P type from RENK-MAAG GmbH are designed and constructed to serve as the core element of power generation systems or as compressor or pump drives.

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High-speed gear units

Integral gear units

The multi-shaft integral gear units for compressor applications are designed and constructed according to the latest findings and methods of gear unit technology.

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Synchronous clutch couplings

Due to their straight toothing, synchronous clutch couplings make it possible to transmit the full torque without disengaging.

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Relevant areas of expertise

Areas of expertise

Retrofit solutions

Thanks to its team of experienced engineers, project managers, and assembly and commissioning personnel, RENK is your partner for the entire lifetime of your system.

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Areas of expertise


RENK-MAAG GmbH works in cooperation with you to adapt your system to new operating conditions, including speeds and outputs by exchanging components.

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Areas of expertise

Rotor dynamics

RENK-MAAG GmbH supports your engineering department or performs an analysis that considers the rotordynamic aspects on your behalf.

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Energy production

Turbo gear units, couplings, and slide bearings for the field of energy production. RENK drive technology guarantees high system availability at all times.

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