Your trusted partner for mobility solutions for military combat vehicles

RENK America is the leading global supplier of best-in-class mobility solutions for military combat vehicles. As part of the RENK Group, we are the trusted authority leading the way in the innovation, development and manufacture of these unique engines and transmissions. We understand the critical importance of the quality, performance, and reliability of our products to keep the soldiers that depend on us safe in the harsh conditions of combat.

Because of this, we go to extensive lengths to understand our customers’ challenging needs and expectations, and we exceed them with unmatched customer service, clear communication, on-time delivery, and on-the-ground support for our complete line of rigorously engineered and tested solutions that simply can not and do not fail.

Headquartered in Muskegon, Michigan, a hardworking city with a proud manufacturing history, we employ over 350 team members, many of whom have served our country as former soldiers. RENK America is driven by this sense of pride and purpose in our country and our community. We’re passionate about providing crucial components that support our military family and save soldiers’ lives, and we’re equally passionate about providing for our employees and supporting community initiatives that make where we live a better place to be. At RENK America, people are our greatest assets. Whether here in our city or on the front lines, we take care of our own.


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Vehicle drives

AVDS-1790 Engine

The AVDS-1790 Series engine is an air-cooled, 12-cylinder turbodiesel engine rated at 750 - 1500 gross horsepower at 2,400 rpm.

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Vehicle transmissions


The HMPT delivers tremendous power and enables the maneuverability and agility needed for system survivability on the battlefields of the future.

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Relevant industries


Armored vehicles

Drive technology and test systems for tracked vehicles. Uncompromising functionality and quality.

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