Horstman’s UK foundation and a center of excellence for armored vehicle mobility and high integrity engineering

Delivering Engineering Integrity since 1913, we also apply our quality, technical excellence and operations expertise to complementary vibration control, military environmental control and titanium machining for safety critical applications.

Part of global mobility leaders RENK AG, Horstman is an agile business with operations in the UK, US and Canada. Our customers benefit from our time-tested pedigree in innovation, product development manufacture and project management in heavy armored and tracked vehicle suspension system.

Horstman group can provide a flexible mix of worldwide product support and local content, with licensed manufacture in selected markets:

Based in historic Bath, Horstman Defence Systems is the original home of the Horstman brand since 1913 and today provides a full solution from design and production engineering, through prototyping, manufacture, assembly, test, and logistics support. Our UK team has domain experience in armored vehicle suspension since the 1920s and a strong capability in high integrity manufacture, a worldwide customer base and capable leadership and project teams. The Bath site has capability in precision machining, assembly and test of mechanical, electro mechanical and hydraulic assemblies including safety critical components in high strength steels, aluminium and titanium alloys, with exacting machining tolerances and surface finishes required for the defence, sub-sea, aerospace and nuclear markets.

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Horstman Group

Horstman is the pre-eminent mobility solution provider in the global heavy armored and tracked vehicle suspension market.

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Vehicle transmissions

Vehicle transmissions

In the field of vehicle transmissions, we are the world’s leading manufacturer of fully automatic transmissions for medium and heavy tracked vehicles.

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Armored vehicles

Drive technology and test systems for tracked vehicles. Uncompromising functionality and quality.

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