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RENK Magnet-Motor GmbH is a medium-sized company based in Starnberg, Germany, which provides highly efficient technical power generation systems and drive systems for increased performance in military vehicles. This expands the scope of action in the field, increases the safety of personnel and generally ensures significantly improved efficiency of our customers' products.

We have more than 30 years of domain knowledge of our customers' requirements and challenges and support them throughout the entire development and production process, right up to installation in the vehicle. Our testing facilities enable EMC measurements and climate tests in addition to functional and system tests.

Magnet-Motor stands for the mission to strengthen customers in competition. We say: With our systems we create a distinguishable added value in their land and sea vehicles.

The path to success leads through close partnerships. Our customers find in us a contact partner at eye level, we have detailed knowledge regarding their products and their operating conditions.

Magnet-Motor was founded in 1980 by the German physicist Dr. Götz Heidelberg. Even at that time, the focus of the company's activities was on the development of novel and powerful electrical machines for the propulsion of vehicles. In doing so, the company always used young technologies that had just reached the industrial society at that time from powerful rare-earth magnets to water cooling and the patented flux compression for new, exemplary compact, electrical machines.

In 2021 Magnet-Motor was taken over by RENK GmbH and incorporated into the group as RENK Magnet-Motor GmbH.


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Magnet-Motor develops electrical power and drive systems for military vehicles of international customers. For this purpose, we use our own systems based on permanent magnet technology.

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Armored vehicles

Drive technology and test systems for tracked vehicles. Uncompromising functionality and quality.

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Shipping industry

Gear units, slide bearings, and couplings for the shipping industry. Make the most of reliable, low-emission drive technology from RENK.

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