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Headquartered in Muskegon, Michigan - a city with a proud manufacturing history - RENK America is the leading global supplier of best-in-class mobility solutions for military combat vehicles.

RENK America is driven by this sense of pride and purpose in our country and our community. We’re passionate about producing crucial components that support our military family and save soldiers’ lives, namely the AVDS-1790 engine and the HMPT transmission.

Whether here in our city or on the front lines, we take care of our own.

Introducing RENK America

Our employees at RENK America know what matters: quality and performance thanks to experience and passion.

Career at RENK America

At RENK America, we are passionate about providing critically important components that help support our military, so we go to great lengths to offer dedicated service and support that allows the service members using our products to stay focused on the mission at hand.

Because we believe that people are our greatest asset, from the employees on the manufacturing line to the service members on the front line, we work hard to take care of our own.

Relevant products

Vehicle drives

AVDS-1790 Engine

The AVDS-1790 Series diesel engines have been made in Muskegon for over nearly 100 years, becoming an essential part of combat mobility solutions that our warfighters can rely on.

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Vehicle transmissions


The HMPT delivers tremendous power and enables the maneuverability and agility needed for system survivability on the battlefields of the future.

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Relevant industries


Armored vehicles

Drive technology and test systems for tracked vehicles. Uncompromising functionality and quality.

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