RENK Compliance Program

RENK’s Compliance Program focuses on white-collar crime (especially anticorruption, prevention of money laundering) and antitrust law.

In this respect, RENK has developed a Group-wide Integrity and Compliance Program that prevents compliance violations, detects as early as possible any compliance violations that may arise despite preventative measures and responds quickly and efficiently to these compliance violations.

Compliance - for good reason

Corruption and cartel formation pose particularly high risks for the Company and its employees. Compliance violations in these areas can lead to high fines for the Company, penal sanctions against employees, actions for damages brought by customers, competitors and suppliers, order freezes and negative press.

RENK’s Supervisory and Executive Boards have also pushed to improve the compliance system as a result of the investigations following allegations of corruption, so that such cases do not occur again under any circumstances.

Compliance - everyone’s business

In light of this, RENK does not tolerate any breaches of compliance. Adhering to internal rules and legal regulations must take precedence over achieving financial goals for every RENK employee.

Every employee must ensure that compliance is not violated within his / her area of responsibility. RENK’s GRC Organization actively supports employees in such efforts.

Reporting severe breaches of compliance confidentially, worldwide, and around the clock:

RENK wants to stand out for performance and quality so we can merit the trust our employees, shareholders, and business partners place in the RENK Group. Given this, integrity and lawful conduct take highest priority at RENK. By developing a sustainable compliance organization, RENK aims to counteract potential risks for the company early on.

RENK promotes a corporate culture in which topics that are relevant to integrity can be openly addressed. Our employees are motivated and required to report potential violations of the Code of Conduct. They are encouraged to seek advice if they have questions or doubts.

Their supervisors or the local compliance officer are typically the relevant contacts in this case. Employees who want to report an infringement against the compliance guidelines can contact the entities mentioned above.

RENK provides various confidential channels for submitting information regarding severe compliance breaches in the area of economic crime (for example, corruption and money laundering offenses), antitrust law, and data protection or serious irregularities that place the company at a disadvantage. Employees can get in contact directly via our Compliance Officer Mr. Georg Piller ( who oversees this area or anonymously via an external ombudsman:

RLCP Rubach & Partner Rechtsanwälte mbB
Attorney Walter Rubach
Specialist Lawyer in Criminal Law
E-mail: Contact Form
Phone: +49 0821 45 54 45-0
Mobile: +49 0171 54 16 13-2

The ombudsman will protect the identity of the whistleblower based on their duty of confidentiality as a lawyer. The individual’s identity will only be revealed to the company’s investigating committees upon their request and after they have provided their express consent.

If you are unsure how to assess circumstances or things you have observed, Mr. Rubach can provide you with advice in German or English. The same also applies if you are concerned that you have committed an offense yourself. Confidentiality is also guaranteed in this case. You will not incur costs in any circumstances.

However, please understand that our ombudsman is not a complaints office and is not intended to serve as a suggestion box. The ombudsman will not process or forward complaints.

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