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RENK’s products and services are consistently tailored to the needs of our customers. Absolute precision, commitment, and speed are the basic prerequisites for efficiency and the capacity to act, especially in sensitive business areas. This commitment to the highest quality standards is what sets apart each and every subsidiary and company in the RENK Group around the world. Their flexibility, willingness to cooperate, and technical understanding enable them to communicate with customers and provide systems advice as partners. RENK has been defining standards and what is technically possible for many years in four strategic business units.

Vehicle transmissions

Our Vehicle Transmissions division is the world’s leading producer of fully automatic transmissions for medium and heavy tracked vehicles. It is made up of the vehicle transmissions area at the Augsburg plant and our French subsidiary, RENK France S.A.S.

RENK Test System GmbH is also part of this business unit. It supplies turnkey test systems for the Research & Development, production, and quality assurance of products in the automotive, railway, aviation and many more industries. Test facilities for drive trains in wind turbines round out the selection. The RENK Systems Corporation sales and service subsidiary runs our test system business in the USA.

Special gear units

The Special Gear Units division consists of our Augsburg-based gear manufacturing plant as well as Swiss subsidiary RENK-MAAG. In addition to gear units for fast ships and Navy applications up to a transmission power of 80 MW, the products we build here include stationary gear units for a diverse range of industrial applications, for example in the cement industry or for energy production. RENK’s turbo gear units have a transmission power of up to 140 MW.

Standard gear units

Our standard gear units are made in Rheine, Germany. We produce marine gear units for merchant and supply vessels, gas tankers, and ferries here. This location also manufactures gear units for turbines, pumps, and compressor applications. In Rheine, we also build gear units for 5 MW offshore wind turbines as well as couplings for industrial applications.

Slide bearings

Based in Hannover, the Slide Bearings division supplies hydrodynamic lubricated slide bearings – for electric motors, generators, pumps, and maritime applications, among others. This division also includes the bearing business at our subsidiary in the USA, the RENK Corporation.

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